This notice serves to advise that Marcelo Bresin no longer works for Holiday Services. Should he get in contact with you or your partners please note that he is not authorized to conduct any business on our behalf.


He has chosen to contact many of you and makes untrue and unfair claims against the company. I can assure you that any statements he makes are unprofessional and untrue.


He has stolen money from the company and has gone out of his way to try and damage our reputation.


Currently he has made SEVERAL fraudulent charges to our company and personal credit cards. He has booked several very expensive resort stays for him and his family.


Currently his fraud attempts have surpassed US$20,000.


He is also using the skpe handle live:hsl-sales which is linked to his personal email address, so we are unable to prevent him from using this address.


Please feel free to contact our CEO, Jennifer Hilton ( or our Executive Director, Tobi King ( should you have any questions or concerns